The game of Runvald takes place on a world mostly covered by water, on a small continent called Insul, about half the size of Australia. Insul is very loosely divided into regions surrounding the five major city-states: Saypish, Diamort, Contriare, Tespajet, and Mairen. Most people live around the city-states, due to the protection offered there, though there are certainly settlements in the land between these, called the Between.

Travel between the major cities is somewhat difficult, as even the closest of them are more than a week’s land travel apart, and the lands of the Between are filled with beasts, Unwritten, and bandits that make travel very dangerous. Sea travel is considerably faster and more comfortable, but there are few places along the coast that can accommodate any sizable ship, and the sea does carry its own dangers: weather and pirates.

Two major rivers run through the continent and are both fed by springs deep in the Instelat mountain range: one starts near Diamort and the other begins in an uninhabitable frozen region further north. While fishing boats go out to sea for weeks on end, no successful exploratory expeditions to find land beyond this continent have ever been launched.