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Diamort (DIE-ah-mort)




Black and bronze, accented by green

Common Knowledge

Following the Skypath into the mountains, where its vast paved width cuts into loamy earth and solid bedrock with equal authority, one will reach the city of Diamort, which rests nestled in the crook of the Stelfallow Mountain. It is a city known for what its many cavernous mines pull from the earth: jewel and ore alike, and the occasional newly-awoken and angry stone troll. The city sits on the mountainside, looking down to the plains below; on clear mornings one can often see the shine of the Sennomita River as it snakes away beyond the horizon. It is ruled by the Aslin clan, and led by the Diadem: the person who wears the extravagantly-jeweled family crown.

The Towering City, the Stone City, is a place of awe and intimidation to those who do not live there or – especially – those who have never visited. It is the city of stoic, severe people, as unflinching as the stone that makes up the city proper and beyond. It is the second most secluded city, following Tespajet, though it is easily visible far into the lowlands that it towers above, with its bronze roofs glinting sharp and bright on sunny days. While the oldest parts of the city were built in the relatively level crooks of the Stelfallow Mountain, as the city grew it gradually spread onto the steep mountainsides, creating the imposing multi-level city that it is now. With this growth, almost a fourth of the city is within the mountain itself, with an extensive tunnel system that allows easy movement through the city even during the deepest, harshest part of the mountain winters.

Diamort is known for its stubborn, but also rugged and tough people. While Saypish is usually seen as the city of intrigue and shady undergrounds and assassination, Diamort has them too. However, unlike Saypish, Diamort’s intrigue is ruthless and brutal, and is almost solely for the maintenance of the Aslin family’s power. Conveniently getting lost in the mines, or somehow falling down a mine shaft is not an unlikely end for political opponents. 

A Local’s Knowledge

While stoicism is definitely a common trait of the people of Diamort, the intimidating severity that most outsiders think of is primarily a feature of those that live in the city proper, in close proximity to the Aslin clan and the city elite. Diamorters on average will still keep their opinions and feelings close to their chest, but that only makes their unexpected matter-of-fact humor all the better. On the flipside, when they party, it’s completely wild, all bets are off; but whatever happens at the party, stays at the party.

Most know Diamort for its grand structures that have mastered the mountainside, but beyond the city center the expansive mountain forests are relatively untouched. Smaller towns and villages eke out a comfortable existence in the small mountain valleys that dot the Instelat Mountain Range, with their buildings a modest mirroring of the ones found in Diamort proper.

Notable locations

The Stone Square and the Stelfallow Tower – In the center of the city sprawls the Stone Square: an expansive spread of paved even ground that leads to the Stelfallow Tower itself. It’s the largest single spread of even ground in the entirety of the city center, and bustles with activity. Great statues and monuments dot the square. On the far side of the square lies the terminus of the Skypath, marked with a towering sunburst arch made of green stone and bronze. On the opposite end of this is the entrance to the Stelfallow Tower: a sprawling complex of buildings that emerge from the mountainside, with the eponymous Tower piercing the sky at the peak of this particular part of the mountain. It is here that the Diadem resides and rules.

The Red Hill – known for its high concentration of deciduous trees in an area more well known for its evergreen forests, the Red Hill is the home to the oldest (and de-facto leading) Alchemist House, commonly known as the Red Hill Alchemist House. It stands a short distance away from the city center, and is as grand as any other part of Diamort. As expected from the leading Alchemist House, Red Hill boasts an enviable store of components, with direct access to alchemical minerals coming out of Diamort mines, a vast collection of Unwritten components, and both indoor and outdoor gardens that grow rare and oft sought after alchemical plants.

The Mines – some very near to the city proper, others quite a distance away, no one thinks of Diamort without thinking of the mines. While the largest and most profitable mines are owned by the Aslin clan, their holdings are far outnumbered by the small mines that dot the entirety of the city-state. It is not unusual to hear stories of people finding small, abandoned mines or – worse – falling into a long forgotten one. Unsavory types are also known to use these abandoned mines as hideouts.


Ostensibly, when the current Diadem passes away, the nobles of Diamort come together to nominate the next one. In current memory, though, no one outside of the Aslin family has been chosen.

Keeping the peace, enforcing laws and battling any Unwritten is the responsibility of the Diamort Gendarmery.

Notable People

Dionne Aslin – the current Diadem. A feared and admired leader, some call her the human incarnation of the Vaki of Diamort because of how much she embodies the characteristics of the Vaki.

Common Costuming

While magic is cheap in Mairen, metal and semi-precious stone is cheap in Diamort. Even for the average warrior, armor and weapons are bright, shining and jeweled. 

Being in the oft-frigid mountains, fur mantles are very popular. However, leather in general is not popular outerwear. A Diamorter goes for luxurious fur and metal, and thick quilted fabrics for extra warmth. 

  • Leather is for blacksmith aprons, miner’s gloves and knee pads and the like
  • People that wish not to be known will wear a full-face masks, 99% of the time they are some sort of metallic
  • Geometric patterns / High contrast
  • Long lines
  • Black and gold are common accent colors
  • Frequently outfits are made of a single dark/deep color with one metallic accent color
  • Garments with weird structured shapes, pointy bits, etc
  • Jewels
  • Metal elements integrated into clothing, up to and including armor and metal face masks
  • Art deco-inspired works well