Our staff currently consists of the following larpers:

Vespa (she/her)

Vespa has been larping since 2016, but still feels like a newbie in many ways. She’s always looking for ways to improve as a writer, a fighter, a role player, and a person.
She staffed for Hellcat Jive throughout its entire run from 2018 to 2022, and can currently be found NPCing for various Accelerant-based boffer larps as often as physically possible.

Victoria (she/her)
While not as prolific a LARPer as the rest of staff, her strengths lie more in developing the world of Runvald, with writing, creating art assets and building props and in-game spaces.

Pixie (she/they)
Pixie has been larping since 2015, mostly living in NPC land and helping to maintain Monster Camps. They have a ren faire and theatrical background, though she spends most of her time maintaining a small garden and a small human.

Ally (she/her)
Ally has been LARPing since October of 2005, while her LARP career is old enough to vote, as a former theater nerd not only does she love the hobby she probably gets way to into it. Ally has played a variety of different characters and fighting styles over the years both as an PC and NPC. She has sampled several different types of LARP rules and has dabbled very lightly with staffing. As a lover of stories, big feels, little moments and entertaining everyone no matter what “side” she finds herself on, fun is always the first thing on her mind!

A larper for about four years, Kris is a big fan of creating silly adventures. She loves improv and seeing where stories go as PCs begin to influence the world. She also loves to read and write fantasy and science fiction.