In the beginning there was nothingness. Then a single note, clear as a bell, played across the black. More notes joined in, a hectic jumble of music that slowly resolved itself into a perfect harmony: the Song of Creation. Life sang itself into being, and the world was made and peopled. With People, came stories. People told themselves stories and believed in them so strongly that the Vaki came to them. These powerful creatures had magic and a language all their own. Over time, some people learned how to harness that language, to use its power in their lives using runes, music, and other means.

— One of several creation myths common on the continent of Insul

Runvald is a game about magic, music, monsters, death, faith, and humans trying their best in a dangerous world. It’s about a struggle between humans and monsters, and the consequences of that struggle.

It is a medieval fantasy boffer larp that will be running on Accelerant core rules, in the Connecticut-Massachusetts area, with a playtest running in Spring 2024 and a campaign opener in Fall 2024.

Many details about the game are yet to be announced, but please watch the website and our Discord for more information and teaser info in the coming months!