What is Runvald?
Runvald is a medieval fantasy boffer larp that will be running on Accelerant core rules, in the Connecticut-Massachusetts area, with a playtest running in Fall 2024 and a campaign opener in Spring 2025.

Who are we?
Our staff currently consists of Vespa, Victoria, Pixie, Ally, and Kris, all larpers from New England!

The world of Runvald has been a work in progress since Summer 2017 and has been used as the setting of murder mystery parties hosted by Vespa and Victoria since late 2017 with the intention of expanding the worldbuilding ideas into a full campaign larp someday. That day has come!

The tone of Runvald will tend towards “dark fantasy”, but we hope to strike a good balance of darkness and whimsy. We want to scare you, and challenge you, and make you cry — but we also want you as a player to feel safe, and to experience moments of joy and adventure and humor, too!

Topics and themes that will pop up frequently include: magic, music, monsters, death, faith, and humans trying their best in a dangerous world. It’s about a struggle between humans and monsters, and the consequences of that struggle.

We see nothing wrong with wearing our inspirations on our sleeves. If you play Runvald, you will undoubtedly notice many elements heavily inspired by the following media:

  • The Old Kingdom series
  • Alice 19th
  • Noragami
  • Chanters of Tremaris
  • Haibane Renmei
  • Final Fantaxy X / X-2
  • The Witcher