Magic is not widespread among the common people of the land, but there are many skilled and trained artisans in the various methods of casting. Technically anyone can be taught to use any kind of magic, but each form requires much practice and study to use safely and effectively.

The most commonly used kinds of magic in the world of Runvald are Sound Magic, Runic Magic, and Potion-making, though there are certainly other methods in use in the world.

More information about the magic systems at play in Runvald will be available soon, but for now here is a general overview:

Sound Magic uses instruments or the caster’s voice, along with their will, to tap into the energies of the Strands and perform spells. Using this form of magic recklessly can create unstable vibrations which can backfire on the caster in nasty ways.

It is commonly practiced by Bell Priests and Witches.

Runic Magic is more widely used by common people than music magic, though still not totally widespread. Users call on the power of the runes either passively (by writing them down) or actively (by sketching them in the air and, sometimes, calling out the name of the rune, depending on their style).

Using runic magic effectively requires being marked with a rune at the start of training. Some magic-using families mark children at birth as a kind of baptism. This first rune becomes a foundation for most of the caster’s first spells and is often associated with an aspect of the person. Using runes one has not mastered can create unpredictable results, as many runes have complex and layered meanings and may combine themselves in unexpected ways.

It is commonly practiced by Bell Priests and Enchanters.

Alchemy is the practice of combining and manipulating inherently magical components to produce magical effects. Many of the components used in this art are pieces of the bodies of specific types of Unwritten.

Using this art without training or careful recipes would likely result in unsafe concoctions or unstable enchantments, which is why the training of Alchemists is carefully maintained in the Cities, and why Alchemists tend toward precision in their craft.

Herbalism does not technically fall under the umbrella of alchemy, but most commonfolk see it as the same thing. Herbalism uses non-magical components and instead channels the potion-maker’s own magic and will to produce effects.

Alchemy is practiced by Alchemists, while Herbalism is commonly practiced by many Witches.