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Contriare (con-tree-AIR/sounds almost like “country air”)


Contriaran (con-tree-AIR-an); people outside the city do occasionally “confuse” the name as “Contrarian” as a usually playful dig


Red (Renfallow), Yellow (Boarsben), Blue (Yltin). These are usually displayed in equal amounts, unless there is a particular deference to a particular family

Common Knowledge

Traveling south down the Sennomita River, one would encounter a strange sight: as the river bends sharply toward the southwest, the smaller Tellerrill (tell-erh-RILL) River arcs away to the southeast, cutting the banks there into thirds. Above these churning waters are a series of expansive stone and wood bridges, home to a city which encompasses much of the surrounding land as well: Contriare, which thrives on the agricultural trade of the region. Contriare’s three districts are each controlled by one of the three ruling families – Renfallow, Yltin, and Boarsben – who vie for majority control of the city’s five seat ruling council. The massive bridges which cover much of the water there also allow the city to serve as a harbor for the many river boats that travel up and down the continent, making it a perfect stopover for merchants carrying their goods.

A Local’s Knowledge

Notable locations

Renwise is the top left part of the city center, home of the Renfallow family.

Vasser is the bottom portion of the city center, home of the Yltin family. It’s on this side of the rivers that the Oak House stands, though it is considered owned by all and none of the families, being the base for all of Contriare’s political decisions.

Masven is the top right part of the city center, home of the Boarsben family.

The Oak House is a great building on the northernmost point of Vasser, though the bridges that give it access to the other two portions of the city are so built up that it gives the impression that the whole government complex is a part of all three regions. These bridges are neighborhoods unto themselves, filled with business and people who are closely associated with the political side of Contriare and the other cities in general. 

The Drei Rock is the small island that sits where the Sennomita and Tellerrill Rivers split. On it grows an ancient oak tree with white bark, known only as the Grandfather, which takes up the majority of the island. The Vaki of the city, also called the Grandfather, resides in (or just is, depending on who you ask) this tree. Legend has it that its acorn came from the inside of the earth, from where the Sennomita River originates and traveled in the waters of the Sennomita until landing on that island.

The town of Mamen in the south, within the Tellerrill Delta, is a popular stopover town for ships traveling between Tespajet and Saypish. It is claimed by Contriare but mostly just in name; it’s Contriare’s attempt to get in on the sea trade, but the Tellerrill River is far shallower than the Sennomita that terminates near Saypish.


The Oak Gather is the ruling body of Contriare, led by a five-person River Council. The members of the River Council have to be a part of one of three ruling families (Renfallow, Boarsben, or Yltin), nominated by their family and approved of by the rest of the council. The Oak Gather is far less exclusive, and is made up of representatives from all over Contriare. One person can be nominated per certain population numbers, with small towns in a given area often coming together to meet that threshold.

For Contriarans that live outside of the city center, it is the decisions of the Oak Gather that affect them the most; historically, the River Council focuses almost exclusively on the politics of the city center and the power plays of the three head families. City-wide decisions and policies drafted by the Oak Gather have to get approved by the River Council, but traditionally they have been approved without push back, as long as they do not affect the power balance of the city center.

The Oak Soldiers are Contriare’s peacekeepers and Unwritten hunters. They are Contriare’s preventative measures against the Unwritten, being based in a set location for three year stints, keeping the Unwritten out and resolving disputes among the townspeople. They are different from the freelance Hunting Parties, who are contracted out when a particular area is having an Unwritten problem that the local Oak Soldiers cannot handle on their own. Hunting parties have a mixed reputation: they are the type that runs towards trouble, always up for a challenge but also less concerned with the townspeople they are arguably protecting.

Notable People

Janessa Yltin, the Lady Sturgeon. The current leader of the Yltin family.

Garret Renfallow, the Lord Stag. The current leader of the Renfallow family.

Manford Boarsben, the Lord Boar. The current leader of the Boarsben family.

Common Costuming

  • High contrast between dark and light
  • Structured garments: jackets with stiff lapels, stiff vests, corsets, etc
  • Boots for mud
  • Victorian-inspired works well
  • Hunter garments very common here

Additional Notes

  • Known for having the biggest, most dramatic harvest festivals
  • Half-timbered building are the most common in the area
  • Probably has the largest standing army/defense force. While Mairen can be considered the most unwritten-free city, once beyond the city proper it becomes very dangerous very quickly. Contriare on the other hand is the safest region broadly, with well trained hunter patrols protecting much of the vast farmlands that surround the city. 
  • Many aspiring hunters, if they want a head-start in their skills, will do a stint either as an Oak Soldier or as a part of a Hunting Party